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Special Senses Conditions

Which Conditions Qualify?

Qualifying special senses conditions are listed in Section 2.00 of the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. “Special senses” refers to any of the senses that have specialized organs devoted to them, such as vision (eyes) or hearing and balance (ears). Through the special senses listings, the SSA has laid out parameters for qualifying conditions.

Special Senses Conditions That Qualify for Disability

When you apply for benefits at a Social Security disability office in Knoxville, TN, your application must include substantial medical evidence to support your claim. To qualify for benefits, it will need to be clear why your condition prevents you from engaging in full-time work. The evidence required will vary depending on the symptoms you have, and may include doctors’ notes, lab results, information about the treatments tried, and the results of treatment.

  • Hearing impairments
    Though many types of work can be done without the ability to hear, many people still struggle to achieve or maintain employment as a result of hearing loss. As part of the application process, the SSA will likely need to review the results of standardized hearing tests (tone recognition), air condition, bone conduction, and/or word recognition.
  • Speech loss
    Speech problems caused by a neurological or physical impairment can make it challenging to participate in most traditional work environments. The SSA considers different forms of disordered speech, including: articulation, muteness, stuttering, dysarthria, and aphasia. The extent to which a person is unable to communicate and their occupational history play a role in the SSA’s determination.
  • Vision disorders
    A person who is legally blind in both of their eyes is a likely candidate for disability benefits. When the applicant’s degree of blindness varies between their eyes, the SSA will typically use the eye with better vision when conducting the assessment.
  • Vertigo
    Sudden bouts of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting that a person diagnosed with vertigo experiences can be unexpected and highly disruptive. Depending on their career path and the severity of their condition, these symptoms can make fulltime work impossible.

All special senses conditions can be either congenital or acquired, and only certain common conditions are laid out in the Blue Book. If your condition is missing from the Blue Book, you may still qualify under another listing that is medically equivalent.

Social Security Disability Office in Knoxville, TN

The process of applying for benefits through the Social Security disability office in Knoxville, TN is intimidating or confusing for many people. Working with a qualified legal team can help alleviate the burden of collecting paperwork, replying to requests from the SSA, and undergoing the appeals process.

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