Determining Disability

Do You Qualify?

Do I Qualify for Benefits?

A claimant may qualify for benefits through SSD Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Eligibility for the SSD and SSI program are based on how much a person has worked and whether they have resources and assets.
Claims are usually filed concurrently to both programs, which means an application is filled out for each program simultaneously. Social Security defines disability as a severe physical or mental condition that has lasted for at least one full year, is considered permanent, or will likely result in death.

Determining Disability

To be recognized as a disability, an impairment, physical or mental, must interfere with normal day-to-day activities and the ability to perform basic activities at work. It must also be severe enough that it prevents the claimant from being able to earn what the SSA considers a substantial gainful income by engaging in work activity.
Social Security reviews a claimant’s work history and medical records to determine if their condition results in functional limitations, and how these limitations impair their ability to engage in work activity.
If an individual is found to be limited to the extent that they cannot work in any one of their past jobs, or reasonably switch to another type of work, he or she will generally be found to be disabled.

Should I Consult with an Attorney?

You do not need to hire an attorney, as you can file a disability claim on your own. However, the prospect of receiving a denial of the initial claim is high – around 75%, but the chances of the second appeal being successful will be a great deal better – more than 60% – when representation is involved.
Because each successive filing becomes more complicated than the previous, we strongly recommend discussing your case with an attorney who specializes in disability claims before filing your initial claim. At Drozdowski and Rabin, we have a long history of success in helping our clients receive the benefits they are entitled to, and we are prepared to help you be successful as well. Give us a call today.

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